old sUthern soul farm

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Storybook Charm Begins at Our Farm!


We love our partners!

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Film & Music

Love Letters make us blush!

While the photos on are quite spectacular,

the guests comment “its even better in person!

img src=“relaxing guest bathroom tub and candles at old suthern soul farm”
img src=”bookshelf and leather chair quiet spot at old suthern soul farm”
img src=”guest bedroom with beds window and lighting at old suthern soul farm”

This picturesque place serves up some friendly

southern hospitality like a mother, with a splash of

unforgettable adventure and topped off with total tranquility!

all the Nitty and the Gritty

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or just serve it up with something

strong. Whatever your pleasure keep it flowing in this quiet corner of

the countryside. We have every other detail covered to feel at peace with the wild world!

Town Guide

Old Suthern Soul farm is the back road for creative retreats that

folks are drawn to from far and wide that come to disconnect and reconnect!

Soulfully owned and operated!

Our strength is authentic, offerings are meaningful and experiences transcend!

- we are quietly nestled in the countryside -

345 sutherland Rd

Creston, NC 28615

(336) 385-1384